• On-/Off-Hire Surveys
  • Bunker Surveys (measuring of quantities, taking of samples)
  • Ascertainment of damages hull / engine of vessels, boats, yachts and other swimming objects
  • Condition Surveys seagoing vessels (Condition P & I)
  • Vessel Surveys incl. Hold and Cargo Inspection
  • Ultrasound Inspection of Holds and Hatches
  • Estimation of Value for seagoing vessels, pleasure craft, yachts and other swimming vessels/objects
  • Towage Certificates (Approbation)
  • Accident and MARPOL Investigation
  • Weighing/measuring of liquid cargo
  • Dangerous Goods Inspection (Sea / Rail / Road) - Explosives Certificate according
    to ยง 20
  • Planning/Supervision of Heavy-Lift/Project Cargo
  • Cargo Preloading Condition Surveys
  • Ascertainment of Damages Foodstuff, Cooled and Frozen Goods (Fruits / Vegetables / Fish / Meat/Beef)
  • Ascertainment of Damages General Cargo
  • Container Inspection (Cargo/Chassis)
  • Supervision Loading/Dischargin
  • Ascertainment of Damages Port Facilities
  • Court Appraisals Transport/Logistics
  • Approval Foodstuff Transports Rail/Road
  • Investigation of Cargo Damages from Road Accidents/Container Damages/etc.
  • Packaging Consultation
  • Recommendation Loss Prevention
  • Multi-modal Cargo Securing
  • Approbation and Supervision of Submarine Power Cable Installations (Export and Array Cables)
  • Provision of Supercargo and Port Captain

in addition, we provide consulting activities for

  • Authorities
  • Charterers
  • Forwarders / Storagekeepers
  • Insurers (Hull & Cargo)
  • Manufacturers/Construction Contractors/Operators/Project Offices of Wind Parks
  • Water Construction Contractors

The above-listed activities constituting only a brief selection of our portfolio.

For further inquiries, we remain at your disposal by eMail ( or phone (+49 471 809 964 57).